Thursday, 8 December 2011

Ghost Night Events

“I try to help the spirits…I just want to know more”

Speaking to spirits is an everyday occurrence for Rachel Heaton. The 38-year-old ‘Ghost Night Events’ organiser and skeptical believer sat down to talk about her new company, what it takes to be a paranormal investigator and working with Richard Felix, Living Television’s ‘Most Haunted’ Ghost-buster and Historian.

Rachel describes her experiences when contacting the spirit world and demonstrates the gadgets and gizmos used when tracking her paranormal friends.

Although she has some spooky tales to tell – predominantly with a ghost called Edward who she’s contacted numerous times. The Huddersfield businesswoman believes contacting spirits has indeed changed her life:
Featured in the 9th issue of Haunted magazine
Ghost Night Events was featured in
the 9th issue of Haunted Magazine

“We have all got our spirit guild…

“Knowing there is life after death makes me a better person.”  

When asked if her events were a form of black magic, she laughed out loud and said:

“Its fun, it’s about being in a historic location and investigating ghosts

Her first spiritual experience didn’t faze her either,:

“I was intrigued I just wanted to know more”

Rachel has many Ghost Night Events lined up to ‘scare the wits’ out of people including a Christmas special at haunted Cannon Hall.

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