Thursday, 8 December 2011

Profile: Solja

BBC Urban Award winner and UK Rapper Solja announced his official Album ‘Audiography’ will be released in early 2012.
Since his days with music crew Raw-T, Solja – real name Fabian Facey - has proven to be one of most prolific independent rappers in the cut throat UK Rap scene.
At the tender age of eleven, he moved to the streets of O.T. (Old Trafford) from Moss side and exposed to the hash brutal reality of urban Manchester he realized his only escape was his music and bedroom studio, spending hours perfecting his music and learning his craft.  
2004 witnessed Solja burst onto the UK Rap scene when collaborated with Raw –T, and along with stable mates like DJ Flair, DJ Q, Mack D, Dreade, Little G, signed a record deal with the label Factory 4, releasing their debut CD Realise and Witness’ while touring Europe.

In 2006 seen him split from Raw -T and release his first solo mix-tape Put your money where your mouth is,’ which was nominated for a BBC mix-tape award.The following year, Solja invaded the UK Urban scene with a barrage of raw street music videos, high-profile personal appearances while working with other artists’ album projects.
In the autumn of 2008 he released ‘One Army,’ and toured schools giving speeches and performing in aid of his S.A.F.E. project - an anti-gun and knife campaign - That exposure and the critical acclaim of his mix-tape secured him a BBC urban music award.
These days Solja likes to be known as ‘Soljlocks’ or ‘Flee-boy Solj.’ He regularly features on BBC 1xtra’s ‘Tim Westwood’ show where his unique rhyming style is developing a national audience and A growing fan-base. His song-writing (It’s all in his head) has many of his contemporaries and peers astounded at his ability to hear a beat and construct a tune in his head without writing anything down.
He describes his music as:
 “A drug…
“Its my healer… my high…the other mix-tapes have been a taster.”
So what does the future hold for this talented ‘King’ of the urban music?
Well Solja explains his plans to ‘Go Global’ with his anti-gun & knife campaign, flooding the clubs and schools with his music and his message.
Asked if he plans some time off ‘from the biz,’ he immediately announces his intention to start his production company to work with ‘up and coming artists’ and help out his own community.
With no rest for the W.K.D. 2012 promises to be a very productive year for the 23-year-old workaholic.
Solja’s music is available from iTunes and HMV stores around the country.

Watch Solja's Interview below:

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