Monday, 17 October 2011

For the skills test we were asked to take a photograph then resize and crop the picture to three different specifications. I decided to take a photograph of the Preston north end football club. The first specification was 100 wide by 100 high pixel thumbnail, for this size I decided to focus on the Preston north end’s football clubs logo, as the imagine was going to be cropped so small the most effect part of the picture was the logo. The second specification was 400 pixel wide by 300 pixel long. For this size I decided to keep most of the imagine, however, I did crop out the lamppost and the pavement as I felt they didn’t need to be in the picture. In my opinion it made the photography look better without having pointless imagines in shot. The final size was 200 pixels wide by 500 pixels high, I decided to have the logo again as the main focus, but unlike the thumbnail I included the doors and a car, preventing the picture from looking too Blaine. 

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