Monday, 31 October 2011

With many Rap artists bringing out new albums this year, I decided to create a bar chart so that rap fans could see who is dominating album sales and maintaining their place on the Billboard chart list; and what newcomers are approaching Lil Wayne’s top spot with ‘Tha Carter IV’. 

This chart illustrates the Billboard top fifteen rap albums of 2011, in their current position listed in chronological. It also displays the number of weeks they have coexisted on the chart list, companied by their peak position.   With this bar chart you can compares each albums ranking with the number of weeks they have appeared on the chart to where they ranked at their peak. The bar chart will allow people to view the data very simple and clear. I used blue and red to make the bar chart stand out to appeal to the youth, also it helps to separate both sets of data again making it easier to read and understand.


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